If Spirit Could Talk

What if Spirit can talk? Millions of souls know that they can do just that. The way I learned to communicate with Spirit was through the use of an ancient spiritual tool, the pendulum. Spirit literally taught me how to open all my “clairs” through its use.

Even better, look how Spirit can use it. It enables Spirit to also make suggestions, be humorous, locate missing objects, make amends, have discernment, give healing, amplify energy, manifest, and even give predictions.

Therefore, I’ve been writing a book about this wonderful, miraculous tool on and off for the last dozen years, adding to it as I continued to learn. Finally, with great gratitude and relief (Ha!), I am so pleased to announce that I have submitted my next book to Amazon.

It could be published and available anytime in the next 72 hours if I managed to format it to their specifications. That is a big IF because the most difficult part of publishing two books so far, has been all the editing requirements.

In the meantime, are you ready for the big reveal? You are the first to know about it on the Internet. It is called “PENDULUMS ROCK, MAGIC CRYSTALS FOR SPIRITUAL COMMUNICATION, DISCERNMENT, AND HEALING.” I expect it to help both the novice and experienced pendulum user alike.

One of the purposes I have in every book I publish, is to add new material to the body of evidence on the spiritual realm. The reason I believe this is true, is because most of what I have learned is from Spirit. They directed me not to read existing books to open my connections from them. Isn’t that ironic?

In the publication of my first book in 2020, “THE EMPATHIC GIFT, TAKE PIVOTAL SHIFTS” and in this title, “PENDULUMS ROCK,” I have become my own graphic artist. Literally, I had the distinct satisfaction of designing both book covers.

The first had a rainbow of light I photographed on the wall of my home as its backdrop. I then learned how to manipulate graphics to create its current version.

In my newest, almost off the press book, I literally photographed a pendulum in motion, learned how to add all the chosen photos together, and created the swinging graphic. I loved creating these covers! It takes a lot of time and trial and error, but it’s a new artistic endeavor of mine.

Now, you get to be the first Internet readers to see the cover of my second book. Here it is in the next to final version that will be available on Amazon any day now.

Would you like to know some of its content? Let’s play a game. In the comment section below, give me a number from 1-111 and I’ll write you back a quote from a page of PENDULUMS ROCK in the comments field to display a sneak preview of what is coming.

In any case, thank you readers for sharing the excitement with me. I so want these volumes to help all of us grow in our spiritual gifts and add good to the world.

I look forward to hearing from you. Communicating with Spirit awaits….

Love and light,

Linda J. Coate (My author’s name on Amazon)

P.S. I sure would appreciate a review on my Amazon page for “Pendulums Rock”. The submission form will be near the bottom of its Amazon page as soon as it is live. Thank you so much!

6 thoughts on “If Spirit Could Talk

    1. You are so kind. As for a quote from page, 110, that is a page from the index of my book. Ha! One of the terms listed in the index, is “light pendulum”. Anyone know what that is?


    1. Thank you! I sure had fun figuring out how to create an image that showed a rocking motion in it. Here is a quote for you from page 72. “One can also ask YES and NO questions to narrow down the quantity needed at that time using one’s body as a pendulum.”


  1. Cannot wait to read what your book has to to teach us with spirit through a pendulum! Excited! What does Page 28 say in PENDULUMS ROCK?


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