Gratitude is Circular

Thanksgiving Day, 2022

They say that being grateful is the quickest way to lift one’s spirits. Ever notice how gratitude is circular? Every time one is grateful, it gives blessing to you and sends blessings to the energy of what we are grateful for. It is one reason why the Law of Attraction works. It feels so good to be grateful. The more we appreciate others, ourselves, our lives, and what is right with the world, the more we create it.

It might be why I think it is so wonderful to have a holiday to give thanks. What better way than to use our co-creation skills to help bring about a kinder world? We can do that with our thoughts and the emotion of deep gratitude.

On this Thanksgiving day, let’s make it a great one. It might be a lovely idea to all share something we are really grateful for around our tables. Make a personal list. Dance for joy. Call or visit loved ones and ones in need. Invite those who might not have family to be with you today. Enjoy cooking. Visit a nursing home. Give love. Spread the gratitude.

Can’t you just see all those completed circles of energy, where being grateful is given and received? Beautiful!

Love and light,


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