Yuletide Cheer, Yuletide Choice

It seems that much of the U.S. is blanketed under snow, beautiful white wonderful snow…. Like all things though, it can be so enjoyed or feel so miserable. Our attitude and choices of how we look at everything, determines how we flow through life. I could give you a story of the hassles the ground breaking temperatures brought. Instead, I’d like to connect to the fun stories and the quiet of it. How we look at the world is analogous too. There’s plenty to lament about or pray for. It’s our choice.

On this lovely, peaceful, Christmas morning, how about if we share our blessings today.

I’ll start…

I’m so very grateful to have a houseful of guests, good food, laughter, and loving kindness in people’s hearts.

Before you have a chance to create a long list of what you are thankful for in the comments section at the bottom of this page, I’d like to wish each and everyone of you:

  1. A beautiful day
  2. A healthy end to the year
  3. An intentional chance to thank Spirit for the kind people showing up in the year ahead (AND)
  4. The ability to laugh and enjoy life (at least a significant amount of time) through it all.

Call those that might be alone. Spread cheer where you can. Give hugs.

Thank you each for all the good that you do. I imagine some of you are cooking for others today. Some of you are reading books to young ones. Some of you are cleaning off the walks so people can arrive safely. Many are calling loved ones to show love. Some of you are in contemplation. A lot of prayer is being shared and sent. Stories of the meaning of this celebration are remembered. Some are honoring their ancestors. Hugs abound. Look at all the good this holiday affords us. Spread the good news of all the cultures we live in, and all the sacred meanings it has for so many of us this time of year. Thank you for pursuing the depth in your soul and your connection to source. Thank you for intentionally sharing this through your heart!

Love and light,


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