Ring in 2023 with Numerology

This has become a yearly article of mine for when the New Year rings in. That is because when the year changes, the frequency of it effects of us to some degree. There are pattern shifts that are subtle to strong in nature.

Numerology was spiritually given to the famous mathematician, Pythagoras, in the 500 B.C.’s. Everything has a frequency including numbers and letters. With one’s birth name and birthdate, the frequencies of those letters through numerology can tell each person so much about their birth plan.

Numerology can also tell us a lot about our universal 2023 new year as that affects everyone on the planet in some way. Each year does. Each digit is added together to get a single digit to understand the meaning of the frequency.  Our past year, 2022, added up to equal 6. Six years draw us towards our family and community. It might have meant we needed to help and or enjoy. It might have meant that was where our challenges lay.

This new year, 2023, adds up to the numeral 7. That energy will influence our need as a race to reflect inward or to seek spiritual connection. Churches will be fuller. Some will find it a great year to grow their spiritual gifts. Your “metaphysical eyes” might open. For instance, when your fifth eye opens you will become certain that we are all one! You will have a new way to be kind to others. That is because how you treat others is how you are treating yourself. This doesn’t include just humans. It includes all of life. Maybe you’ll have a better sensitivity to your plants. You might find you have a need to start capturing the bugs in your home and releasing them outside. It’s a good year to see your caring nature growing. It’s a good year to become more respectful of all. It doesn’t mean you have to like everyone or everything, but you can send good intentions and prayer for them, when you see their plight. It’s a good year for forgiveness, patience, and all the virtues of love.

Like in all things related to frequencies, there is an opposite side of the coin also. Some will react to this frequency in the exact opposite manner, thinking about their and their group’s needs only. It’s a dog-eat-dog world mentality will sadly still rear it’s head this year.

It turns out the universal year’s frequency starts to affect us as early as mid-November. It’s in full swing by mid-January. Notice how those affected in this way to the universal energy, will give the rest of us reasons to practice all the virtues of loving kindness. The wonderful news is Spirit is helping more of us with this energy to open our hearts and connections. Together we can end 2023 by bringing about a better balance with greater hope than we’ve had in previous years.

So, those who read this blog, thank you so much for seeking a higher frequency. Your abilities to maintain lifted emotions are required even more now. Use all your gifts to co-create a better world with elevated thoughts, emotions, and intentions. Hold the light. Be the light. Enjoy the benefits of the 2023 year energy. Shine.

Love and light,


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