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My partner recently suggested I start listening to the videos provided by the Monroe Institute on YouTube. This “school” is a main source for education in the Midwest to help those interested in growing their souls and consciousness. It’s a wonderful free source through the internet. They actually have many avenues for instruction. One may take classes at their physical location in Nelson County, Virginia too, for somewhat hefty fees. It is a valuable resource for those who can take advantage. This is just one of their locations throughout the world.

Here is the sample he suggested I enjoy. It will likely leave one with the need to learn more and find their beginning meditations on-line. I would be interested in knowing how you open to the experience of this video. For me, I knew I would need to listen to it often to gain the skill I could glimpse and feel. I loved the gentle motion it placed in my head through its hemi-sync techniques with the sound track for this meditation. One will need a set of stereo earbuds or headphones to get this benefit. Those are even available through stores like “Dollar Tree”. If you are not familiar with stereo earbuds, one of them will be marked with an R for use with the right ear and one will be marked with an L for use with the left. At the very least, I believe it will give one the feeling of floating. The more one experiences it, the more one is likely to literally teach oneself to open one’s spirit to the consciousness of the cosmos.

You will notice that this video will bring you into a state of complete relaxation and calmness in the physical body too. It is restorative for one’s health. Feel your soul being supported. Feel your body being supported. It works through the power of intention.  If you don’t know this already, our intentions, thoughts, and emotional state all affect the field of energy that instructs each of our genes on how to work. Anything we do to care for our temple through diet, exercise, and relaxation affect our health also via this field of energy.

The video sample above will do both. It feeds the soul. It feeds the body. May it be the beginning of a new way to feel supported while growing your spiritual gifts.

Lovely, lovely….. Enjoy.

Love and light,


2 thoughts on “Soul Support

  1. A beautiful relaxation. Thank you. Grateful for the sound tract of ocean ebbing, joy of birds singing, voices chanting. Similar to prayer experiences…beyond material and body. It’s a blending and combination of both eastern and western spirituality.

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