Wisdom of the Ages

I recently had another male relative take a Big-Ydna test at FTDNA, only to discover how we trace back on the human genome tree to about the year 330,000 B.C.E. That figure keeps getting refined as they get more tests in and really represents a range of theories. When I was telling others about this, I had multiple people ask me if they knew where we all originated. I was surprised this wasn’t common knowledge. All skeletal remains and all YDNA (paternal) and MTDNA (maternal) tell the same story. We all come from Africa. The most recent article I read says it originated in southern Africa but that is theory.

In particular, my ancestors came from the U.K., then from the Middle East, then Asia, then back to just above Africa, before originating in Africa. Yours, in some way, shape, or form, will end up there too.

This is just a scientific example that shows us we are all one. They also know from the human genome project that they recently completed, that we all have a common ancestor about 20 generations back. That means we are all related much more recently in time, somewhere around the 1300’s. Again, just another example that shows we are all one. There is no such thing as race.

See if you can meditate on your own physical being changing throughout the ages, adapting to the climate it was in. See the miracle of its drive, its effort to meet the challenges of life. Feel its resilience. See its strong connection to Mother Earth. Feel the connection to all life around you. Feel the balance of nature. Feel the amazing design of it all. Bless your ancestors along the way. Bless their combined efforts to grow our souls. Bless your own efforts to add to this great design.

Science also tells us we are energy at our essence. Everything is energy. We are all ONE.

When you realize clear down to your soul, and you know WE ARE ALL ONE, your spiritual fifth eye is open! When you know this, do you want to keep complaining about the various ways humans present through their actions and personalities? How can one use one’s spiritual understandings to live life embracing the sacredness of it all?

I struggle with this myself because I so often fall back to a human perspective. Even at the human level though, we have the knowledge to know we are all ONE. May our OPEN FIFTH-EYES enable us to be kinder, more inclusive souls! It’s the wisdom of the ages.

Love and light,


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