Dreams May Come

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Many a human mind has contemplated why we dream. I for one have had the distinct pleasure for the last 20 years or so of being a lucid dreamer. For me, that means I recognize I’m getting spiritual message through dreams and can ask questions. These messages are usually short in duration and theme. I can get the message clarified by asking Spirit questions while asleep.

When we have dream messages, it means our 4th eye (our spiritual eye) is open. This is so appreciated. To begin with, simply ask before sleeping to recognize your dreams and notice their meaning. There are other ways to open your 4th-eye which can be covered in detail in the future.

I’ve had a series of dreams this week that seemed like I reverted to the past. They were a long movie with a series of random events that leave one with uncomfortable emotions. I know from previous experience that these can be steering one away from a particular decision or choice. When I was trying to discern why I was having these dreams, here are the questions I asked. I also noticed that they weren’t lucid dreams. I didn’t recognize them as dreams till I woke up. I had to ask these questions just after I awoke.

  1. Was that dream a spiritual message?  Answer: NO
  2. Was that dream trying to steer me away from a particular choice or action? Answer: NO
  3. Was that dream from the angelic realm: Answer: NO
  4. Each dream has left me feeling unsettled. Was there a purpose to that? Answer: YES
  5. Are you trying to teach me something in these dreams? Answer: YES
  6. Were you trying to teach me that each emotion I was feeling, were emotions ready to be released? Answer: YES

Ahhhhhh, I didn’t think of the last question till this morning. I released the emotions that I recognized from my dreams and definitely felt better. I found it very interesting. I got up and wrote down all the ways I now know of that Spirit has guided me through dreams. It’s over a dozen ways so far. I think they are getting me ready to contemplate another book.

In the meantime, how do you release emotions? I have a quick and powerful method I share in my first book, “The Empathic Gift.” There are many ways to do this. It’s very important to find avenues to release buried emotions that all humans have. Many believe trapped emotions are what develops into “dis-ease”.

Please share the ways, you’ve learned to release these discomforts before they basically cause blockages, in the comments section near the bottom of this page. I’d like thank you in advance. I also would like to thank Spirit for this newest instruction! It was most helpful. I sincerely hope this idea will help you benefit from some of your dreams also.

Love and light,


2 thoughts on “Dreams May Come

  1. It’s wonderful to have an active dream life! Decades ago, I would wake up and write dreams down and be able to fall back to sleep. Today, I usually wake up and remember only a person that may have been in my dreams but not much of the content. Also, I know my dreams are often remembering things from long ago. In my morning ritual of morning prayers, a quietness and reassurance comes over me, letting me know that it’s another day and that all is well.

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