Mother Earth’s Day 2023

This is my favorite time of year. The beauty of this spring has been stunning. It’s also been amazingly warm even as early as February. It’s a reminder to me of how our climate does seem to be changing rapidly.

April 22, Earth Day, always motivates me to rethink how I’m caring for her.  Would you like to be one of the persons working to care for our planet? Are you one already doing everything you can to help reduce carbon monoxide build up and climate change? I was informed of ways to do that that I didn’t necessarily know about by a great friend. It was from a chart provided by

In gigatons (1 billion tons), we can significantly reduce our CO2 levels by doing the following:

  1. 80+ gigatons by reducing food waste.
  2. 75+ gigatons by eating a plant rich diet. (This reduces CO2 with fewer animals being raised emitting gas via their digestion)
  3. 75+ gigatons by expanding family planning / reducing the # of children we bring into this world.
  4. 10 gigatons by recycling.
  5. 8 gigatons by driving electric cars.
  6. .5 gigatons by using recycled paper.
  7. .3 gigatons by composting.

(Timeline savings through 2050)

Who knew? The 3 biggest effects by far were not what I expected them to be. So, when you consciously work to not waste any food, you are really helping the environment! If you’re a vegetarian, good for you. Even if you have consciously reduced your meat intake, that really can make a difference.

When you use less electricity, that is supposed to contribute to less air pollution. Do you have a choice to use wind power for your electricity source? When you use your gas-powered car to its very last breath, that saves Mother Earth by using less of her resources including energy consumption in manufacturing cars. Buying everything you can second hand or making do with anything you have already gives her a break also. Less is life.

You might know that plastic waste build up is a huge issue. Switching to plastic made from corn, reduces its shelf life from 300+ years to 3 months after use. Corn based plastic garbage bags and storage bags are available on Amazon and Meijers that I know of. At Meijers, they are called Full Circle. Even though you might recycle plastic grocery bags, know that very few of these bags are actually reused. Getting in the habit of taking my own cloth bags into any store is a pattern I really need to get into myself.

Right now, we have the option and responsible requirement of taking care of our beautiful home base. We can do that with our choices, our intentions/prayers, and visualizations for Mother Earth too. Anything you want to suggest as other ways to help, please add them to the comments section near the bottom of this screen.

We honor you, Mother Earth, with our care and gratitude.

Love and light,


One thought on “Mother Earth’s Day 2023

  1. Food waste is the biggest contributor, and is the most reprehensible given the billions of people that are starving. Use of electric vehicles must use wind, sun, or water as sources, or the net benefits are very small.

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