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Linda J. Coate is a practicing psychic medium, healer and author.   She has developed these skills over the last 14 plus years.  She is a mystic by nature as well as a lifelong genealogist. As a guest speaker, she has presented a wide range of topics including pendulum communication and healing, the empathic gift, earthing, muscle testing, natural healing methods, and decision-making for the connected soul.  The Universal Life Expo, Phoenix Books, the B-Well Clinic, Journeys of Wisdom, the Columbus Center for Spiritual Living, Zoom, and the Christian Spiritualist Temple are venues where she has been privileged to teach. She has also worked as a spiritual mentor for many dear souls helping them develop their own gifts. Check out her debut book, “The Empathic Gift”, published to help many enjoy their sensitivities. Other websites by Linda J. Coate include: https://lindajcoate.com and https://ancestrees.com. Come explore the Divine Mystery with Linda.