The Spirit of Love

I had the pleasure of attending a family wedding on Valentine’s Day.   To me, it’s appropriate that we have ceremonies and holidays that celebrate love.   Are you like me in believing that one of the main reasons we live in the physical is to learn how to love?   Can you imagine how many lifetimes that … Continue reading The Spirit of Love

Spiritually Transformative Experiences

I have the honor of sharing my own spiritually transforming experiences that have come through my awakening as a medium at the upcoming Free Spirits meeting.  It is open to the public.  Here is the write up for this meeting as per the group's organizer, Rev. Jim Hetzer. "Linda Coate, our speaker for our get … Continue reading Spiritually Transformative Experiences

How Powerful Are We?

Most persons attracted to this site know about the law of attraction commonly called “The Secret” or “The Science of Mind”.   It’s the law of nature that says "What we think about and project via our feelings, is drawn to us."   How powerful is it or more importantly, how powerful are we? Marianne Williamson, … Continue reading How Powerful Are We?

Natural Pathways to Healing

I will be offering a second class on “Natural Pathways to Healing” this coming Sunday, Oct. 13th from 12:15-2:15 pm at the Masonic Temple, 2436 West Dublin Granville Road, Columbus, Ohio 43235-2709.   This class will include hands-on experiences with Earthing, Far Infrared Healing, Light Therapy, Structured Water with Muscle Testing, Toxic Cleansing Methods, Simple EFT … Continue reading Natural Pathways to Healing