The 4th Eye

Well, how about if we talk about another of our energy centers called the 4th eye.    A little over a year ago, you could barely find anything on the net about it.  Now out of the readings I give, at least 20 percent of those persons I read for have a 4th eye that... Continue Reading →

It’s Pouring

It's pouring outside and even pretty dark for 5:00 p.m. on a late spring's eve.   In this case though, it only seems refreshing.    The newly planted garden is getting a much needed boost.  My soul is getting washed by this energy too.   I recently was making a financial decision that by several... Continue Reading →

The Empathic Gift

I had the pleasure last night of speaking at Phoenix Books about the Empathic Gift. Thank you for attending!   I believe it was mutually helpful and I sure enjoyed it. Are you an Empath?   Do you ever find yourself sensing or feeling other people's energy? Have you ever checked to see if the... Continue Reading →


Do you have a spiritual routine sometime during the day?   Maybe it's first thing in the morning.    I know many people who set time aside to meditate at regular intervals.   I admire them for their discipline.   Personally, I've always worked best in a flexible state.  I see good in both patterns.   I take time daily whenever I... Continue Reading →

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