Our 8th Eye

I'm revisiting an article I wrote last year for its relevance right now about our 8th Eye.   It certainly was a good reminder to me to remember to take the time to co-create a better world.   If you've finished the book "Becoming Supernatural" by Dr. Joe Dispenza, he's working with many others on … Continue reading Our 8th Eye

Ring in the New Year with Numerology

Each year, we have a shift in energy.  Some of you will be able to feel that.   This shift can be quantified via a tool called Numerology.  Numerology was spiritually given to the mathematician, Pythagoras, about 2500 years ago.  Each culture received this information in various ways from their ancient wise men also.  It … Continue reading Ring in the New Year with Numerology

Gifting with our Heart, Thoughts and Emotions

During the holidays, I hope you enjoy gift giving.   It is an opportunity to see through another person’s eyes to discern what they like and show love.   This process though can also be stressful.   Too little time and so much to do adds to the stress level.    We can sometimes miss … Continue reading Gifting with our Heart, Thoughts and Emotions


Last week was Thanksgiving. Many of us are now into the holiday season. I visualize it as a season of thanks giving, a season of gratitude. We are giving, receiving and sharing. As we beautify and appreciate, why not include taking the time to notice the simple things in life that give us sustenance too? … Continue reading Gratitude