Natural Pathways to Healing

I will be offering a second class on “Natural Pathways to Healing” this coming Sunday, Oct. 13th from 12:15-2:15 pm at the Masonic Temple, 2436 West Dublin Granville Road, Columbus, Ohio 43235-2709.   This class will include hands-on experiences with Earthing, Far Infrared Healing, Light Therapy, Structured Water with Muscle Testing, Toxic Cleansing Methods, Simple EFT … Continue reading Natural Pathways to Healing

Our 8th Eye

I'm revisiting an article I wrote last year for its relevance right now about our 8th Eye.   It certainly was a good reminder to me to take the time to co-create a better world.   If you've finished the book "Becoming Supernatural" by Dr. Joe Dispenza, he's working with many others on this right … Continue reading Our 8th Eye

Gifting with our Heart, Thoughts and Emotions

During the holidays, I hope you enjoy gift giving.   It is an opportunity to see through another person’s eyes to discern what they like and show love.   This process though can also be stressful.   Too little time and so much to do adds to the stress level.    We can sometimes miss … Continue reading Gifting with our Heart, Thoughts and Emotions