Announcing with Great Gratitude

One of my bucket list items was to learn how to publish the multiple books I have written in draft form. Note that I said multiple, meaning I'm planning on being in this life's story for quite a while. In the past I've found it daunting to get through the many formatting rules to self-publish. … Continue reading Announcing with Great Gratitude

Natural Pathways to Healing Class

I wanted to let you know about my latest class offering.   In a fun way, it will give valuable little known health guides to make a big difference in each participant's life.   It is not an infomercial nor do I sell anything.  The public is welcome.   Please email me at to … Continue reading Natural Pathways to Healing Class

Two More Talks Coming Up

I have the honor of speaking at two more events in the near future.  The first will be on "Decision Making for the Connected Soul."   It's for everyone, even if everyone who comes has no known connection to spirit.   I'll be teaching tools to help participants connect first and then learn how to … Continue reading Two More Talks Coming Up

It’s Pouring

It's pouring outside and even pretty dark for 5:00 p.m. on a late spring's eve.   In this case though, it only seems refreshing.    The newly planted garden is getting a much needed boost.  My soul is getting washed by this energy too.   I recently was making a financial decision that by several … Continue reading It’s Pouring