What is Love?

Love is such a spiritual topic. It most certainly applies to Valentine’s Day. How about if we narrow the topic in honor of this day to romantic love to begin? I was thinking about how I’d describe it to a young person these days. Last night, I had the monthly opportunity to participate in Open … Continue reading What is Love?

Be the Bridge

We have had significant changes in our nation this last few weeks. It depends upon your perspective if these are welcomed or not. Even though many of us feel great relief at some of these shifts, there is an evident gap that needs bridged. What are ways we can help bridge those gaps? Breath in … Continue reading Be the Bridge

The Spirit of Love

I had the pleasure of attending a family wedding on Valentine’s Day.   To me, it’s appropriate that we have ceremonies and holidays that celebrate love.   Are you like me in believing that one of the main reasons we live in the physical is to learn how to love?   Can you imagine how many lifetimes that … Continue reading The Spirit of Love