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Meet the Author,
Linda J. Coate

Linda J. Coate has a full breadth of experiences in many arenas of life. She is a creative soul who loves variety. Currently she is an author, blogger, public speaker, story teller, genetic genealogist, family tree researcher, webmaster, home remodeler, mother and grandmother.

She has developed as an Empathic Medium over the last dozen plus years. She has been privileged to give upwards of a 1000 spiritual readings and has worked as an energy healer for much of this time. Benefit from her experiences to feel healthy and pass it along. Check out her websites: and

New Release: Pendulums Rock: Magic Crystals for Spiritual Communication, Discernment, and Healing

It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful these ancient spiritual tools are. Learn how to use them in ways you never dreamed of.

Let them help you open all your “clair” abilities. Learn how to converse with Spirit to do all of the following:

  • Communicate with your “Deceased” Loved Ones
  • Get answers to Questions
  • Dowse to Locate Missing Objects
  • Receive Guidance
  • Receive Predictions
  • Discern the Truth
  • Heal and Channel Healing
  • Learn How Spirit Works
  • Verify When Your Senses Are Receiving Information from Spirit
  • Manifest
  • Grow Beyond the Pendulum in Your Spiritual Gifts

Pendulums helped me open all my gifts and have been an invaluable tool for fifteen years now. It’s my sincere hope that you benefit from this book, use it to expand your horizons, and employ it to create a better world for you and others around you. It should be eye-opening for the beginner and the experienced alike.

Book 1: The Empathic Gift: Take Pivotal Shifts

Determine if you are an Empath, learn the basics of how to connect with Spirit, and use your gifts to heal.

What if this is exactly what you need to know about being an Empath? Empath’s can feel another’s emotions, discomforts and pain in their own bodies. This debut title by Empathic Medium, Linda J. Coate, is truly sharing methods of utilizing the Empathic gift without feeling other’s pain in one’s own physicality. It shares secrets that are rare pivotal finds. Are you a sensitive soul? Find out how to get permanent relief, provide healing, co-create a better world and find fulfillment. It could be just what you’ve been asking the Universe for.

Listen to the intro read by the author.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

A little book with big info! …Empaths everywhere will gain solid insight on effective ways to use their gift for the highest good of all concerned. Rev. Sharon

You will share your spiritual gifts in a joyful way that makes your life richer and those you encounter happier and healthier. Rev. Jim

This is the most beautiful and helpful book I’ve ever read…This book really helps everyone, not just Empaths. Azura

I loved everything about Linda’s book. She constructed an extraordinary guide to help determine if you are an empath and how to develop empathic skills. Being a lifelong empath myself, Linda’s book helped me feel at peace with my gift. A must read! Christina

I was curious to learn if I was an empathic person. While I learned that I do not possess such a gift, I did learn about the extraordinary sensitivities and metaphysical gifts that the author and others have. The writing is so well organized and includes concise strategies. Arlene

Linda provides her easy, relatable experiences to explain the gift of empathy. After reading the book, I have used her methods to identify pain and release it with consistent, good results. Jenny

A delightful handbook for empaths struggling with understanding, managing, and applying their gifts… Tony

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Many a human mind has contemplated why we dream. I for one have had the distinct pleasure for the last 20 years or so of being a lucid dreamer. For me, that means I recognize I’m getting spiritual message through dreams and can ask questions. These messages are usually short in duration and theme. I…

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  1. In this very interesting and helpful read, the author Linda J. Coate, offers the reader the knowing and difference between empathy and empath. It also give helpful solutions for those who are seeking answers. Melanie

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