Life Continued

One of the most wonderful things about being connected spiritually is that we know beyond any doubt that life continues when we transition out of our bodies. We know this because we can talk with spirit and learn things from them for others that we couldn’t know any other way.

I had the privilege to attend a funeral for a friend’s mother yesterday. The friend gave her own Mother’s eulogy. What strength she had to do that. Even better, as she talked about her mother’s life and passing, she could notice the “collateral beauty” in it. There was a lovely movie by that name out last winter that I’d highly recommend on just this topic. C. noticed the laughter and surprises that occurred between she and her mother as well as others during her transitioning weeks. The weeks weren’t easy, but she could see her mother being prepared by spirit to pass. She could see a delightful fun personality coming out in her loved one that she’d not known before. She too was starting to heal from these special memories.

Even better, she’ll still be able to have and build upon her relationship with her mother as time progresses and communication continues. We got a bit of info that way during the service when Rev. Boyd was giving her part of the service and hearing her mother’s input.

So let us begin the journey, shall we? On my next blog post, would you like to learn how to open one of your spiritual channels, that of the 3rd eye? I’ll start sharing simple techniques to do so. I plan to go through each of the chakras/eyes that I’ve either experienced opening or am being taught about by my guides and teachers in realms beyond.

Life continues in abundance, my friend. Even better, we always keep on learning and growing.

Love and Light,


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